Nervous Diseases – Nervous Breakdown (Neurasthenia, Psychasthenia)

It is a disease which can be put readily and effectively under control and cured in comparatively short time by the methods, means and principles of this system. This disease is not due so much to overwork or any of the numerous other ridiculous causes so commonly mentioned. Many of these supposed causes are really the effects of this disease and not the cause. Sexual perversions, for instance, are the effects of this disease and not its cause. Neurasthenia is due to an exhaustion of the nervous energy of the person as a result of the constant battle on the part of the vitality of the person to replace the continual drain of nervous energy which the ever-present oxygen deficiency (deficient oxygen intake), and ever-present poisons of a common foundation of disease and the frequent poisons of bad food have on the nervous system.

That these statements are facts can be easily proved by correcting the common foundation of disease of these people and turn it into a common foundation of good health and watch the immediate, almost miraculous return to good health and happiness of these patients. The patient’s food must be of the simplest and purest as suggested herein.

These patients should be treated gently. As a rule, the process of common foundationing need not be rushed. The patient should be given quite a number and prolonged course of the antisepticizing treatments before any surgical work is started.

It will be surprising to see how quickly the patient will recover good health of the nerves, mind and body and will sleep well, eat well, have normal bodily habits, lose the customary morose, melancholy, depressed spirits and become cheerful, happy and optimistic, be enabled to work hard and persistently without tiring.

These patients should not be confused with the hypochondriacs. The former are anxious to get well as a rule and will cooperate; the latter are inclined to be highly skeptical of the ability of the medical science to offer and obtain relief and will not always permit the necessary work to be done in order to get this new health. The hypochondriac is usually a healthier person than the neurasthenic.

The common impression that overwork leads to a nervous breakdown (neurasthenia) is erroneous and incorrect. The healthy human mechanism can only be driven to a certain degree when it will stall demand rest and recuperation and again start all over.

Nervous debility, depression, nervous prostration, psychasthenia are ordinarily blamed on prolonged mental strain, associated with or without overwork. These nervous weaknesses are all explained and easily corrected by these means.

The common complaint of feeling tired at most all times, the complaint of attacks of mild melancholia or temporary depression or the “blues” can very quickly and easily be relieved and completely removed by the antisepticizing treatments providing that only good, pure food is eaten as outlined under the simple diet. Sometimes only one or two antisepticizing treatments may accomplish the desired results sufficiently to satisfy the patient for the immediate present.

The complaint of unrefreshed sleep, waking up in the morning still feeling tired and weak, are all complaints quickly relievable by the use of the antisepticizing treatments and as much as is necessary of the other means and methods of common foundationing. Loss of mental strength or of alertness or of the usual vigorous mentality, forgetfulness or loss of memory for individual words or ideas, unusual drowsiness, temporary, highly marked attacks of drowsiness are equally easily cured by this therapy . It is to be remembered that the constant eating f bad food is one of the basic contributing causes or these troubles. .

Discontented people are not healthy. People who are constantly uneasy, nervous, restless, always desiring a change and do not know what they want, are ill. Many of these highly nervous people have tremors, twitchings, trembling of the hands, of the tongue and limbs. The explanation can likewise be found as a rule in their common foundation of disease which is intensified by the poor character of the food they eat. The remedy is self evident correct their common foundation of disease and restrict them to the scientific diet of this system. These means and principles prove themselves highly efficient when properly used, even to the relief of all tremors and twitchings, etc. Many of these patients are the ones who become so despondent that they may commit suicide. The neurasthenia or psychasthenia awakens their will power to such a marked degree that they are no longer able to engage in the struggle for existence. Their will power becomes extremely weak and they cannot re-strain themselves from sudden, desperate desires to end it all. These sudden, desperate urges come on only shortly after eating bad food, which simultaneously so weakens the inhibitory influence of the vagus nerve, that the inhibitory influence of the will power is lost. All this can easily and effectively be corrected by the antisepticizing treatments and the partaking of only good, simple food.