Nose And Throat Diseases

They can be pleasantly cured with surprising ease and rapidity by these methods. The different forms of sinusitis are by far the commonest diseases of the nose. Painful sinuses, pains or tenderness over the sinuses disappear very quickly under the simple use of the antisepticizing treatments. Pain on bending over or increased pain or dizziness on bending over, very soon disappear by the use of a few antisepticizing treatments.

The commonest nose and throat complaint is difficult breathing ; in most people this is due to the common foundation of disease. In a small percentage of people it is due to one or two additional factors besides the common foundation of disease. Such factors are polyps, tumors or rarely some other cause.

Much of this interference with proper breathing is due to swelling or congestion of the interior of the nose. The structures or tissues which compose the common foundation of disease become congested or even inflamed ; blocking of the nose results. The antisepticizing treatments readily, easily and quickly remove much of this swelling of the inside of the nose and soon enable the person to breathe much more freely and easily.

The second commonest complaint of most nose and throat sufferers is discharge from the nose and throat. Such common complaints as dropping of mucus or pus or both into the back of the throat and frequent, profuse nasal discharge are readily relievable by common foundationing. These droppings consist of mucus, pus or a watery combination of both. This is the so-called chronic catarrh. The dropping into the throat is the excretion given rise to by the more or less constant presence of congestion or inflammation of the nasal sinuses and of the tissues and structures in the nose, due to the harmful influence of the common foundation of disease. This term, chronic catarrh, merely describes the end result of a common foundation of disease which every individual has who is suffering with persistent, more or less profuse nasal catarrh. The only definite, permanent relief is to correct the person’s common foundation of disease by common foundationing; and strict adherence to the dietary principles of this system.

The use of the antisepticizing treatments makes immediate or urgent surgical operations on the nose extremely rare. All forms of acute, painful sinusitis heal very quickly under the persistent use of the antisepticizing treatments. As a rule, all that is necessary for the cure of nose and throat diseases in children, providing there is no decided obstruction present in the nose, is the daily or three times weekly administration of the antisepticizing treatment. All serious obstructions to nasal breathing must be removed. The finding of obstructions in infants and children which cannot be removed by the antisepticizing treatments alone is rare. A partial deflection of the nasal septum in the young is fairly common, but usually is not large enough or sufficiently pronounced to cause harm when the antisepticizing treatments are occasionally used. The removal of tonsils and adenoids or at least the adenoids is advisable, preferably after a few antisepticizing treatments have been given. If the antisepticizing treatments are used diligently in the young, the enlarged tonsils and adenoids will become much smaller and will not be large enough to obstruct nasal breathing; their surgical removal will thereby often be made unnecessary, thus enabling the child to avoid this operation.

The treatment of all nose and throat diseases becomes greatly simplified with the use of these simple methods. Diseases of this part of the body are thereby made much easier to handle. The desired results are obtained much more quickly and more definitely. The commonest disease of this part of the body or for that matter of the body as a whole is the common cold.