Nutrition – Dry Cereals

They are excellent foods for the following reasons:

The processing of cereal products such as Shredded Wheat, Shredded Ralston, or other grain products such as corn flakes or Cheerios involves bringing these starchy foods to a high temperature, higher than that of boiling. It makes these products therefore easier to digest than mushy cereals.

Dry cereals as breakfast foods are excellent for those who are very hungry in the morning. They are unnecessary, and even undesirable, for those who have no appetite for any hearty food for breakfast. Dry cereal makes an excellent luncheon food, but breakfast should be the simplest kind of meal. Fruits and fruit juices are more easily digested and nutritionally acceptable by the adult body. Growing youngsters can metabolize milk, starch and eggs more efficiently than adults can.

Children often refuse regular breakfast meals- They should not be coaxed to eat heavy breakfasts. The current belief that “breakfast should be a full meal” is not justified. Breakfast should be simple, composed of fewer foods than people usually eat at this time.

Dry cereals should be eaten with a little sweet cream rather than milk- It is necessary to chew dry cereal in order to insalivate this food properly, because the saliva helps to digest starch. When dry cereal is made into an excessively liquid mixture, the saliva does not act as completely as it does on dryer mixtures. No sugar should be added to dry cereal with cream.

Sugar when mixed with starch makes a chemically fermenting mixture, which breaks down into alcoholic or vinegar-like products. Sugar mixes or combines better with raw fruit. Sugar is not as good as honey for sweetening.

Dry cereal with a little sweet cream, followed by fresh raw fruit and a simple hot beverage such as Postum with a little cream and sweetened with honey—this makes a healthful breakfast. Children do not need any beverage; dry cereal and fresh fruit are sufficient and adequate for breakfast.

This type of food can be used for weight-gaining, and it is an easily digestible food course. Most American dry cereals are really excellent foods, and labor-saving as well.