Obesity Complicated By Arthritis

THE layman can readily understand that increased weight in the presence of arthritis mechanically handicaps the individual, as the less weight on in-flamed joints the less the discomfort to the individual and less irritation to the joints results.

According to Pemberton people with chronic arthritis have an increased amount of sugar in the blood and a lowered sugar tolerance, and marked improvement follows dietary restriction, particularly the limitation of starches and sugar. In obesity even when uncomplicated with arthritis there is an increase in the blood sugar, hence the arthritic patient who is also obese has an added reason for carbohydrate temperance.

I am convinced that in arthritis as well as in many infectious conditions the lack of nutritional balance lowers resistance and makes the tissues more vulnerable to the inroads of bacteria. Of course the removal of all foci of infection is imperative in the treatment of arthritis. Vaccine therapy in the hands of experts has proven an effective curative agent.