Pimples – Eating Wrong

Let’s start off easy with the bad effects of wrong eating. Did you know that pimples belong to the dietetic disease class? Yes sir, little pimple face causes and supports his, or her, own trouble.

The human body can handle about one pound of carbohydrates at a time. Sedentary people, those who neither work nor play much, can not handle much more than a pound of sugar and starch a day. The day laborer can handle one, or two pounds a day because he burns up most of the carbohydrates as energy.

Little, young, pimple face gorges one or two pounds of carbohydrates a day; eating mostly the sweet combinations. However, such a person usually eats plenty of starch compounds as well as sugars. Do not believe it is a certain age which causes pimples. There are thousands of young people of that same age who never had a pimple. If age had anything to do with it, every young per-son would have to go through the pimple stage.

The pimple age may run from the teen age to the thirties, according to how long the individual keeps up the habit of eating hugely of the sweet, tasty, snacks on top of big carbohydrate meals.

Why does not the pimple face get so-called stomach trouble? Because he eats more of the real sugar concoctions than he does of starch and grease mixtures. Again, because he is more active than older people and the blood of youth runs hot in the veins.

Sugar is the quickest of all foods to produce heat and energy. Starches must turn into sugar before we can use them. The quick heat of the system brings blood closer to the skin surface. A blood, carrying fermentation poisons of undigested carbohydrates, opens the pores of the skin where contamination and dirt start the infection called pimples.

Any pimple face can get out of trouble if some good physician will prescribe a good, tart aperient; taken daily. Of course, the victim will have to quit his unnatural appetite for gooey, sugar foods. Just follow the chemical eating chart in selecting meals and you pimple faces may have a bar of good rich chocolate twice a week to ease off your food drunkenness.