Prevention Of Untimely Deaths

The definite abilities of this system to rather rapidly control the progress of disease, makes possible in most cases the prevention of untimely deaths. Most untimely deaths which occur so frequently amongst our prominent men, in which number are many of our leading senators, representatives, leaders in the business world, philanthropists, scientists and many others of our most useful citizens, could easily have been avoided by the simple means of this system. The same statement is equally true of other people in all walks of life. The lives of most of these people who die prematurely could have been extended from any years in a useful,efficient, healthy and happy state. Most of these people did not die as a result of hopeless malignant diseases or other unavoidable causes. Their deaths were due, in the final analysis, to the ever present evil effects of their common foundation of disease. Had their common foundation of disease been corrected, the good health and usefulness of these people could have been extended indefinitely.

From the scientific standpoint, people who have reached middle age or gone somewhat beyond it with the ever present health destroying common foundation of disease, have been seriously neglected. For a half century or more they have been cheating themselves of the proper amount of oxygen intake; there has been much infection in their sinuses throughout these years, which subjected them to a constant, chronic poisoning of their entire systems. All the tissues and structures of these individuals have undergone harmful, detrimental changes (chronic pathological changes), such as hardening of the arteries, chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the heart muscles and blood vessels of the heart ; numerous. other organs such as the lungs, kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder have been chronically inflamed. With the continual lowering of the resistance accentuated by these progressive harmful tissue changes, there comes a time when a point is finally reached where the ingestion of some decidedly harmful food, with or without a cold, precipitates a calamity. It is an easy matter for germs to overwhelm such a patient who has been thus prepared for this catastrophe ; or a blood vessel may suddenly give way in such a person’s heart or head, resulting in immediate death or dangerous crippling of the person. Herein are presented definite, direct, simple means for helping these people and preventing these calamities.

The human machine should wear out gradually, all parts simultaneously to the same degree; no one part of the entire body should wear out much more rapidly than the rest of the body. For instance, the person who contracts pneumonia and dies in a few days is a good example of one part of his machinery wearing out entirely too rapidly to the destruction of the rest of his body; or the person whose blood vessel bursts in the heart muscle or in the head, is another illustration of the same principle.

The writer predicts that with the proper use of the means and methods of this system the now frequent occurrence of sudden death will be a rarity. At present in the matter of people’s health, the Sword of Damocles is constantly hanging over the heads of most middle aged and aging people, and for that matter, over the heads of most all.

All these people whose end is so calamitous, have had plenty of premonitory or warning signs such as pains around the heart, either of milder or severe types (anginal pains), attacks of shortness of breath, at-tacks of palpitation or rapid heart beat, attacks of dizziness, a numbness and tingling of a hand or foot of one side of the body, decided changes in their complexion, disturbances in their sleep, etc. These were warnings of the existence of a pronounced common foundation of disease within them and of other errors such as dietary, etc., and that this common foundation of disease and the other evil factors were about to do dangerous harm. If these warning signs had been heeded in time and these people made safe by the principles and means of this system, these sudden deaths would have been avoided.

All pains, complaints and symptoms can be made to disappear in most patients, young or old, who are properly common foundationed in time.