Scientific Diet For Sick Or Ailing People

The scientific diet of this system for sick or ailing people is the basic diet containing the simplest and most easily digestible of only absolutely fresh and sterile or freshly sterilized foods. It is the fundamental diet from which all other diets start. Upon this diet we depend for all accurate results to be obtained by this system. On the slightest provocation or indication of illness, the person returns to this diet for a number of days or longer until entirely well again.

This diet consists of only a few elemental food stuffs. These foods are plenty of water, boiled fresh milk, the best of eggs; and sparingly of fresh butter, white bread, grapefruit, oranges, a few well-cooked fresh vegetables such as carrots, string beans, lettuce and celery. Water should be taken freely.

No other foods, beverages, drinks or condiments, whatsoever are allowed under this diet. There may be ingredients even on this list which do not agree with certain people; this is easily determined by the same rule of undisturbed sleep. Any person not in good health but capable of taking this simple diet and when receiving the antisepticizing treatments, must sleep well within a few days, otherwise the food is either not fresh or it is contaminated.

As the individual improves in health, other foods may be eaten, but always as a test. Undisturbed, prolonged sleep should be the acid test of both the excellent quality and absence of contamination of the food.

Soups or broths made of absolutely fresh and healthy meats or chicken may be tried; absolutely fresh fish may be eaten but also as a test at first on the individual. Unless absolutely fresh meats can be obtained, it is best to do without them.

The diet of the seriously ill patient is to consist of plenty of water, fresh boiled milk, soft boiled eggs sparingly. As the seriously ill patient improves, the scientific diet may be allowed.

The various diets advised by this system all contain the necessary chief ingredients of our foods. These necessary ingredients consist of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and the various minerals which are necessary to maintain life. These diets also contain sufficient vitamins of all the different types necessary to maintain good health. The average individual requires at least 40 grams of protein daily. This is usually obtainable in a quart of good, fresh milk and one fresh egg. In fact, this in itself is enough to maintain life. There-fore, it can be seen how little food one really requires to maintain good health when we realize how much more than this small quantity mentioned is eaten by the average individual daily.

There is sufficient protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and the other necessary minerals in these diets.

Protein is absolutely necessary to build body cells and is the only substance which can build or repair the cells of the body. Without proteins we would starve to death in spite of all the butter (fats), sugar, starches (carbohydrates) we could eat.

For this reason the reducing diets are mostly mistaken. Reducing lies in the principles explained under common foundationing. No diet is a truly reducing diet. The principles of common foundationing maintain that if the body is given sufficient oxygen and all poisons and toxins are kept out of the body, then overweight cannot exist.