Semi-Milk Diet

There are those to whom the taking of the genuine milk cure is an impossibility. There are others to whom it is not a necessity, but for whom a partial milk diet would do much.

To start drinking milk in a haphazard way, mixing it indiscriminately with your other foods will not do for you what it might do taken intelligently and regularly.

If you are run down, anemic, nervously exhausted, susceptible to colds, convalescent or merely underweight try the following for two months or longer. Everyone I know of who has done it faith-fully has gained at least ten pounds and felt infinitely better.

1st. Prepare as for the genuine milk diet—obeying faithfully Rules 1 and 2.

2nd. For breakfast a quart of milk and fruit (without sugar) and a tablespoonful of bran.

3rd. For lunch—another quart of milk with more fruit, or an ear of corn or two baked bananas. (Fruit is best.) If in fairly good health you may also have a whole wheat muffin. But no white bread or crackers or refined cereal, or meat or potatoes.

4th. For dinner: Any sane mixture. (Consult the preceding pages.) The combination which will give excellent results is: Whole wheat bread with plenty of butter, two fresh vegetables and a salad.

The whole wheat bread contains all the protein which your body needs. There is also, in this simple mixture a balance of fats, carbohydrates and mineral salts.

Most of us have eaten too much and too carelessly. “Food Values” was an unknown quantity. On this semi-milk diet your eyes and complexion will clear, your step will quicken and there will be a perceptible gain in weight after the second week. The first few days you may not feel right—but this will pass away in less than a week.

One thing: The taking of a quart of milk at one meal sounds like a great deal to the uninitiated. Less than that will not do. Take it if necessary in two sittings. Upon rising take at once a pint of milk and your fruit—then dress for the day and take the other pint with your bran. The bran is necessary to prevent constipation. (Also, we might add, one or two glasses of milk are constipating; three or four are laxative.) Under no circumstances take a cathartic. An enema if necessary the first couple of nights, and an enema once a week all through the course.

When you have finished the semi-milk diet—eat sanely. It would be well to continue the milk (three or four glasses) and fruits (without sugar) for one meal a day indefinitely.

The writer knew a young man who was discharged from the army because of ulceration of the stomach (caused from inhaling smoke). He was put on a straight milk diet—but not in quantities, neither did he stay at home. As an auto salesman he was very active. He drank a glass of milk about every two hours, whenever he felt the need. At a restaurant—anywhere. He ate nothing else and lost all desire for other food. He made the mistake of going back on a mixed diet too soon and was obliged to go back on the milk. He kept it up for over a year, gained in weight and pep and was thoroughly cured. Persistence did it.

Haphazard, intermittent, slipshod methods will never accomplish anything.