Shortening The Hospital Stay Of The Patient

Another pleasant thought in connection with this work is the fact that it will empty our hospitals of most of their patients and will greatly shorten hospitalization. The reason for this is that it is almost impossible to keep most patients in bed for any considerable length of time when these methods are used. Only a patient who feels quite ill, weak, exhausted, or has lost much sleep cares to remain in bed. The moment a feeling of well-being is restored to the sick person, he immediately wants to get up. This is usually so in most of our common illnesses after a few days’ use of the antisepticizing treatments, and is explained by the energizing effect of the increased oxygen supply and by the other changes wrought by these means on the various nerves, organs and functions of the body. There will be few patients left who will be sick enough to warrant hospitalization over a long period of time. This work makes it possible to treat most patients ambulatory. The patients, in fact, will by far prefer to attend the physicians’ offices or clinics rather than be confined to bed over long periods of time. It will mean a great deal of saving in time and money to patients, hospitals, communities and other organizations which maintain the medical costs. For the same reasons the physicians will have more work and not less. The earlier discharge of these patients from hospitals will enable them to attend the physicians’ offices. Like all worthwhile improvements, more work is made for the workers and not less, but the type of work is improved and made more efficient.

By means of this work the millions of people who have lost faith in the medical science and who have turned to innumerable bizarre healing cults, will quickly return to the folds of orthodox medical science.

This System as a Beautifier

Above all things, that which will appeal particularly to the feminine heart and for that matter, quite strongly to the masculine, is the fact that the natural good looks which the average healthy individual is inherently entitled to and which are so quickly lost in all who lack continued good health, can be readily and easily restored and maintained by this system. Natural good looks are lost directly in proportion to the amount of loss of good health. A really healthy person has a pleasing countenance, a pleasant color of the skin of the face and hands and other parts of the body, a nice carriage of the body and is therefore good looking and pleasing to the eyes. The color of a really healthy person is never poor, pale, yellow, dark or repulsive; the eyes are bright, the facial expression is serene and free of any nervousness ; the lips have a deep red color, and in every way the person is pleasing in appearance and to regard. Homely people almost invariably lack fundamentally good health. If a homely or even a repulsive individual is properly common foundationed, the natural good looks which were inherently that person’s birthright, once more will be restored. Homeliness is in most instances due to illness either of an evident disease or a condition which for the time being is not quite apparent but nevertheless does exist. Accidents even without marring or scarring the person, are quite frequently the cause of homeliness ; this applies particularly to blows on the nose, pushing the nose out of the central line of the body to one side or the other or in other ways changing the natural, regular contour of the nose.

The drawn appearance of the face possessed by so many people of all ages quickly disappears under the proper and frequent use of the antisepticizing treatments ; this is much more definitely assured and sooner obtained when the simple dietary rules of this system are conscientiously followed. Skin laxity, puffiness of the eyelids, disappear under the persistent use of the antisepticizing treatments and, if necessary, some of the other methods of this system.

Wrinkles can be removed and in most instances permanently made to disappear by the proper use of these means ; to a considerable extent, this is even true of people quite advanced in years and where the wrinkles have existed for many years. Many repulsive faces are made so by the presence of deep wrinkles. As a general rule exessively wrinkled faces are to be found in people who are quite thin and underweight. The rules and principles of this system when conscientiously instituted and followed, restore these thin, underweight people to normal weight with a simultaneous disappearance of the wrinkles.

The poor color is the second factor which makes these people unpleasant of countenance. Instinctively we avert our heads and look away from people who have a sallow, yellowish or pale color of the skin of the face. People who have healthy, pink complexions attract our looks since they are pleasing to the eye.

It is surprising to see how surely and quickly these wrinkles will disappear, especially those along the corners of the mouth and many underneath the eyes, simultaneously with the changing of the poor color of the skin of the face to a nice pleasant color. Facial pleasingness is valued most highly by all people.

In most instances since the seriousness of their illnesses is soon dispelled under the faithful use of these means, patients soon lose their worried, anxious looks. They are made to realize that their chances of recovery are greatly enhanced; this they sense very shortly after the initial steps of the process of common foundationing have been taken. Frequently even seriously ill patients suffering with acute diseases, will lose the characteristic worried, anxious looks after just the first antisepticizing treatment. Very often the worrisome look and feeling are almost invariably replaced by a happy, good natured smile. Often worried, sickly looking patients will sit down for the first antisepticizing treatment and get up with a broad grin and smile, feeling happier already.

The greater percentage if not all of the worried, anxious looks are due to ill health or rather, let us say, insufficiency of good health. It is questionable whether a truly (fundamentally) healthy person can long maintain a worried, anxious look. Such unhappy expressions must automatically disappear from the countenance of really healthy people.

A perfectly healthy animal is invariably a good looking animal and the reverse is equally true a good looking animal is healthy. These statements are axiomatic; they are self-evident truths.

A truly healthy person is good to look upon. The moment sickness or disease steps in, the person becomes repulsive directly in proportion to the amount of disease present. For these same reasons youth in itself is good-looking because youth possesses the greatest amount of good health and for the same reason, youthful appearance is so desirable by all.

A pale-faced, anemic-looking individual is not a pleasant sight. With such a person one will observe many other unpleasant signs, such as wrinkles, fallen corners of the mouth, twitchings, frequently signs of nervousness and loss of sleep or tremors, etc.

Many people become old looking long before their time. Their faces become wrinkled to a very noticeable degree. Their color is poor. All this is due to the common foundation of disease with which these people are afflicted and which is usually of a bad type.

Many people develop puffiness underneath the eyes. This puffiness is due to the evil effects of a well advanced common foundation of disease which they have had for some time. The bags underneath the eyes disappear fairly rapidly under common foundationing. This is equally true of the dark circles or discolorations which are so often present around people’s eyes. It is unbelievable how rapidly these facial blemishes will disappear as the work of common foundationing progresses.

Many people become prematurely gray; many become bald, some quite early; many lose much of their hair on the top of their heads and even on the sides. Most all these detrimental changes in appearance can be corrected and what is even better, avoided by the means presented herein. The loss of hair will be stopped in due time, and slowly but surely much hair will regrow as the process of common foundationing and particularly the use of the antisepticizing treatments are continued. These facts are equally true of the hair turning gray. Under the continued use of the antisepticizing treatments and the other aids of common foundationing, it is surprising to note how surely with time and patience much of the gray hair will disappear to be replaced by the natural colored hair.