Skin Diseases

We have a right to the same feeling of optimism and expectations of effectiveness in the ability of this work to obtain alleviations and cures of most diseases of the skin as we have toward most diseases of any other organ or part of the body. That this is a fact can easily be proved by using the antisepticizing sprays and if necessary, some of the other methods of this system in such common skin diseases as pimples (acne). The eruption and pimples disappear with surprising rapidity.

In all forms of infections of the skin the person’s resistance is built up so rapidly that the infection is quickly put under control and often made to disappear without surgery instead of running the usual lengthy course of suppuration and evacuation; this is particularly true of infections of the skin, erysipelas, boils, furuncles and even carbuncles of the skin of most any part of the body. They are decidedly helped by these methods.

Under the use of the antisepticizing treatments and also if necessary, some of the other steps of common foundationing, the person’s complexion, color of the skin, general facial appearance improve very rapidly. The person becomes better looking. The circulation of the skin and of the entire body is improved, and of course, also that of the skin of the face.

Dandruff is controlled and removed in rather short time by this same therapy, combined with the vigorous application of a 1-1000 bichloride of mercury solution to the scalp; this should be rubbed in and the scalp massaged thoroughly every day. The presence of dandruff is the preceding step to the loss of hair and either partial or complete baldness results.

By far, one of the happiest thoughts in connection with this work is that loss of hair can be prevented and the gradual loss can be stopped. When the loss of hair is not too far gone, much of the hair can be restored by the methods, means and principles of this system.

Another consoling and highly cheerful thought is the ease, accuracy and rapidity with which infections of the skin are cured by the continued use of the antisepticizing treatments and also the constant application of the bichloride of mercury solution to the infection of the skin. These infections may occur on any part of the skin of the body from the eyelids to the toes, and even invade the eyelids and nose. Ulcers, boils, furuncles and carbuncles are nicely and safely healed by the methods and principles of common foundationing. Surgical gauze is soaked in 1-1500 bichloride of mercury solution and kept applied constantly, day and night, to the infection. At the same time the antisepticizing treatments are used at least once daily on the nose, throat and gums. It is to be remembered at all times that the diet is just as important as the antisepticizing treatments in this disease as in any other disease we are attempting to help or cure.

These sufferers from repeated infections (boils, etc.) of the skin have a lowered resistance and are usually anemic. Nothing will build up their resistance and improve the anemia as rapidly as the antisepticizing treatments and placing these people on the scientific diet of this system.

The treatment of one of the most dreaded of skin diseases, erysipelas, is made much easier and safer. Under the frequent and thorough administration of the antisepticizing treatments this disease is quickly put under control and soon healed. The inflamed parts of the skin must be kept covered constantly with a 1-1500 bichloride of mercury solution.

In combating infections of the feet or toes which is usually due to ringworm infection (athlete’s foot), besides using the bichloride of mercury solution as a foot bath, a salve of bichloride of mercury (1-1500 strength) should be applied to the toes and feet.

Varicose veins should be treated principally from the standpoint of correcting the patient’s common foundation of disease.

If the antisepticizing treatments are used, we will seldom, if ever, have a case of blood poisoning following a boil, furuncle, carbuncle or any other infections of the skin. These statements are equally true of gangrene of the toes or feet; gangrene will rarely follow when infections of the feet are quickly and thoroughly healed.

Cancer of the skin yields nicely to the principles and means of this system. The skin ulceration becomes clean; the foul pussy discharge soon disappears. The extreme pain and tenderness of the skin and underlying tissues is shortly relieved. The ulceration of the skin soon starts to heal ; all dead (necrotic) skin tissue falls off. The writer has rapidly healed an extensive cancer of the ear lobe in a man 83 years of age by the use of only the antisepticizing treatments, the simple diet, and the application of bichloride of mercury solution and bichloride of mercury salve to the cancerous ulcer. Furthermore, common foundationing helps the patient in every other way as regards his general health.