Stomach And Intestinal Diseases Ulcers Of The Stomach And Intestines

Most of the usual and common diseases of the stomach and intestines are prevented and those present are quickly relieved or cured by the methods and means of this system. Acute indigestion due to bad or poor food, injudicious selection of food, chronic indigestion, chronic gastritis, hyperacidity, dyspepsia and ulcers of the stomach make up the large percentage of stomach diseases. Again the general rules of common foundationing may be safely relied on in the average case of acute or chronic stomach trouble, ulcers of the stomach, dyspepsia, indigestion, upset stomach, etc. This rule is as follows : With the aid of the antisepticizing treatments principally, and careful attention to the dietary rules of this system, most cases of stomach trouble should quickly get well. Some of the more chronic and more serious sufferers of stomach trouble will require one or more of the surgical steps of common foundationing in addition to a preliminary course of antisepticizing treatments in order to properly and permanently cure them. Most cases of so called stomach trouble are not true cases of diseases of the stomach but are referred or secondary ailments from diseased neigh-boring organs. Disturbance of the normal functions of some important neighboring organ such as the liver, pancreas, gall bladder, etc., gives rise to the apparent stomach disease. These neighboring organs are diseased and their normal functions are interfered with. The so called stomach trouble may in reality be some serious, general constitutional disease such as pernicious anemia, poisoning, etc., which produces its most prominent symptoms for the time being in the stomach.

All patients suffering with ulcers of the stomach or intestines must have and are afflicted with a decided common foundation of disease. The same line of reasoning holds true here as in all other illnesses. The patient’s common foundation of disease made the ulcers of the stomach or intestines possible. Therefore, to properly cure the patient, we must remove the common foundation of disease.

Ulcers of the stomach or intestines quickly get well under common foundationing. The diet must be extremely simple. Extreme care in the selection of the freshest food must be constantly exercised. The diet should consist of the most natural and simplest of foods. Plenty of water; fresh milk, boiled; soft boiled eggs; white or whole wheat bread, freshly toasted; fresh butter; very small portions of grapefruit juice; stewed pears; baked potatoes; fresh, thin vegetable soups of fresh vegetables only; lettuce; celery and the other simple leafy vegetables. As the patient gradually improves, other fresh, pure foods may be eaten. Each patient must experiment on himself with each new addition to the diet ; if these new additions are agree-able, then they may continue to be eaten, otherwise they must not be eaten again. Again the ability of that person to sleep long, undisturbed and dreamless and if the tongue remains uncoated, and the constipation does not return, is the acid test as to the correct food, its excellent quality and also as to its purity and all absence of contamination.

It is surprising to observe how quickly patients who are suffering from ulcers of the stomach, will admit that the stomach pains and discomfort which would come on before, after or during meals, have disappeared under the advice and means of this work. The acid stomach quickly improves and the excess accumulation of acid in the stomach soon stops ; this is true of all other complaints, such as belching of gas, constipation and the other dyspeptic symptoms.

The same facts hold true of most diseases of the gall bladder. Under these methods, pains over the gall bladder disappear as readily and nicely as pains in the stomach or intestines. In time, by the persistent, thorough use of these methods, these abdominal pains, aches and tenderness due to gall bladder disease, disappear never to return.