Sweets For The Kiddies

Besides your stock of homemade jams and jellies (or when they run low) following are some quick marmalades which can be made in winter and which are excellent for bread spreads and sandwich fillers.

In addition to the regular three meals it is a good plan to give the children a systematic lunch after school. Not much. Perhaps just an apple or two cookies or a sweet sandwich or a glass of milk or nuts and raisins, etc. And just the amount given them. Not a continuous “piecing.” If there are two or more children, let each child understand that his share is just that no more. Don’t weaken and you will have no trouble but succumb to coaxing once and your troubles will begin. Children know their power. It rests with you.

Date and Cranberry Marmalade

Simmer together for 30 to 40 minutes 1 quart of cranberries and 1 pound of stoned’ dates in 1 pint of water with 2 cups of brown sugar.

Dried Apricot Conserve

Soak overnight 1/2 pound of apricots in 2 cups of water. In the morning add 1 cup of raisins, the juice of I lemon; 1 whole orange sliced thin and cut into small pieces and t cup of honey. Let simmer 1 hours. When almost done add 1/2 cup cut nuts. If too tart add brown sugar to taste.

Use these marmalades as bread spreads.