The Chemical Eating Chart

The bellyacher never did like the word diet, and certainly the healthy individual never feels the necessity of its use. Nor is the diet necessary under any circumstances, except when the physician has diagnosed an actual organic breakdown. Such organic break-down may be diabetes, albuminuria, gall stone, etc., etc. Certainly, a diet is not necessary, ever, for the so-called stomach sufferer no matter how severe.

The chemical eating chart is not a diet. Anyone can eat any-thing any time hunger strikes, except a few food combinations which are real monstrosities. The only thing the chemical meal means, is the right kind of food to prevent gas and misery. The healthy person should eat chemical meals to keep from trouble. The bellyachers should eat chemical meals to restore digestive alkalinity. By chemical meals, the writer means the eating of food in such combinations as will make digestion easy; really the way your body chemical factory is intended to handle food. Everyone could, and should, eat chemically for unrestricted enjoyment of food and for increased longevity.

Some of you bellyachers are now saying: “that fellow does not know what he is talking about when he says anyone can eat any-thing.” But you can ! You have had your troubles and believe some foods hurt you, but it is not the food you believe; it is what you eat that food with. In other words, it is merely a wrong combination.

Our chemical laboratory (digestive system) is designed to digest most anything in the entire list of foods commonly eaten by man, and at any time anyone desires to eat.

Chemical meals may be designed with eye-sight appeal, with tongue-appeal, and with stomach satisfaction. It is only our lack of dietetic knowledge which produces wrong combinations of food. The right combinations taste just as good as the wrong ones.

The motorist knows his machine will not run right if sand is mixed with his oil. You should not look for untroubled digestion if you put wrong combinations of food through your own machinery. The chemical eating chart, separates all foods into their proper combinations which prevents digestive trouble. All you need do is select any food you wish from one side or the other of the chemical eating chart.

You need pay no attention to the thousand and one diets which state that you must not use coffee or tea; you must have lamb instead of pork; you must have this and you can not have that. Unless, of course, you have an actual organic disease and your doctor restricts certain types of food—not just certain food. If you can have grapefruit, you can have orange or lemon. If you can have rice, you can have potatoes. You can have any group of foods which belong to the same class.

You need not alternate meals from one side to the other of the chemical eating chart. Just select from one side, or the other, all day or all week. However, do not go haywire and keep to one type of food too long. You have done this too much, or you would not be a bellyacher.

A good plan would be to eat twice the number of meals from the right side that you do from the left. If you eat for a long period of time in the mixed starch and sugar foods, you may wind up with a fuzzy tongue and a bunch of pimples, or bellyache. Again, if you eat tart fruits and vegetables over a long period you may develope a red, sore tongue and alkalosis. It is better to roam the entire list of foods, letting your tongue be the judge of your desire and your brain the controller of combinations.

Remember, the chemical eating chart is not a diet; just an aid to a manner of eating which keeps you away from digestive trouble.

It does this without telling you too many times that you can not do this, or that. You are told to do more eating of the items which you are not accustomed to. If you follow the chemical eating chart until you create a desire for all types and kinds of food, your digestive troubles will be over. Then your tongue will demand a sufficient variety of food to prevent future trouble.