The Constipated Bellyacher

You constipated bellyachers do not like, or do not eat enough fats; particularly, pork fat and other oily greases. Some people, usually women, do not eat fats for fear of adding weight. But, for whatever reason, you, who do not eat fat, become the person chronically constipated.

Perhaps you are amazed at such a statement. Yet, when you constipated people stop to think, you know it is true. We recall to you that WHAT YOU DO NOT EAT HURTS YOU.

It is enough to have gas bloat, OR constipation. But, when you have both, you have double trouble. You, also, have two reasons! You like neither sour nor fat foods, or do not eat them, which amounts to the same thing. When neither fat, nor sour food is eaten, the liver is unable to supply sufficient alkalized bile. Herein your organic breakdowns and functional disease starts.

When one of you bellyachers crave sour food, as you do, occasionally, it is not because you like it, but because your system demands it. Then your memory is acute and you will claim that you love sour food. The fact is however, you eat very little in the way of tart foods. You, especially, should know how much tart foods your neighbor eats: The one who never had digestive troubles. He will eat five times the tart that you eat.

On the other hand, you chronically constipated people will cover up a little beef fat with bread, or chili sauce, and eat it. Then you will swear you like fat. Who are you fooling? You do fool yourself and no mistake. When you refuse to eat oils, and fats, and greases, the result is NO SOAP. That statement does not seem relevant to the situation of chronic constipation, does it? Well, no soap really means no bile, for bile is a type of soap which you are supposed to make for yourself by eating tart alkalizing foods and fats.

Just to satisfy some expert who thinks he knows all about bile constituents, and objects to the above statement of bile as soap, the analysis of bile is listed below. You will note that the bile materials are thinner in the liver and become thicker, or more concentrated, in the bile sac itself.

Bile Analysis Parts Per Hundred

BILE CONTENT IN THE LIVER IN THE BILE SAC Total Solids 1.0 -2.0 10.0-17.0 Cholates 0.13-0.65 6.7-11.0 Fats & Soaps 0.1-0.2 1.0-3.0 Mucin 0.2 -0.4 1.4-3.0 Inorganic Salts 0.5-0.8 0.6-1.0

You will see that there is a fat soap listed in the above analysis. But, the cholates also are of a fatty nature and somewhat alkaline. The Cholates really are, or act like, an enzyme which aids the intestinal and pancreatic soap maker, lipase, to handle the fats of the rest of the digestive system. These bile salts, known as potassium tauro cholate and sodium glycocholate, are quite alkaline, and keep bile soapy to furnish an aid for mucin lubrication of the entire intestinal length.

Medical authorities claim that you should make one-half pint, to one and a half pints of bile per day. Those who make less than the smaller amount are certain to get in bad. Even the bile that some of you make, is made badly. That is why some people have constipation, gall stones, colitis, and liver cirrhosis.

When you do not make good soap out of the fats you eat, you find the bitter, vile, green stuff will back up on you. That is why some people imagine they cannot eat fat.

None of you people get the various liver and gall bladder troubles from eating fat. In fact, you get the trouble because you DO NOT eat fat, or if you do eat fat, it is with starches. Beside, you do not eat enough tart food to make the alkali needed to change fats into soap.

Chemistry again becomes the factor in the change of fat to soap. Maybe you do not understand the chemistry of bile. But, any grandmother knows how to make soap. The two things necessary to make soap are fat and lye. Grandma used to make her own lye by letting water stand upon ashes from her wood fire. You, too, must make your own lye (alkali). Only, you do not make it from ashes; you make it from the sour foods you eat.

The trouble with the bellyacher is that about all the fat they eat is in combination with starch; with fried potatoes, in pie crust, in gravy, and in bread, etc. This manner of getting fat is all wrong as far as you are concerned. For you to make your bile-soap out of grease and starch would be like grandma trying to make her soap out of grease and weak lye by putting in a peck of flour. It cannot be done.

Remember, you must eat sour food to make alkali. You can eat sour food with fat and do it. But, you cannot eat sour food with starch, because acid stops starch digestion.

Please bear in mind that what we say herein is said to the constipated bellyacher. The normal digestive system can, and does, handle all kinds of food at one and the same meal. That is because the person, with a normal digestive system, has always eaten a variety of foods and has made enough alkali to handle either grease, or starch; also grease and starch.

Nevertheless, the person with a normal digestive system would be even better off to ease up on grease and starch combinations, particularly, if they lead a more or less sedentary life. The hard working laborer can handle more starches and greases be-cause he burns up nearly all food eaten. When starch is used up in energy there is little left to lie in the heat and moisture of the colon to sour, or ferment. Yet, even the hard worker can get into trouble if his major food intake is just grease and starch with out any vegetables and fruits.

But, you bellyachers have lost the ability to handle grease and starch. That is why you must MAKE more alkali, and why you must SAVE some alkali you do make by cutting out food combinations which use more of it.

Even though you bellyachers start at once to correct your constipation by proper eating, you are only starting the correction. You have eaten so wrongly for so long that you have destroyed the ability of your colon muscles to properly eliminate body waste.