The Five Principles Of Body Building

The older civilization grows, the wiser it gets. Young civilization is reckless. It experiments extravagantly. And in its pursuit of new discoveries and greater accomplishments it frequently overlooks fundamental principles.

You have heard of men, who, through financial genius and sheer strength of will, have amassed huge fortunes; then, when their work was over, have found themselves worn-out and old—physical wrecks unable to enjoy anything that life has to offer.

This is particularly true in America. Here, where there are so many opportunities to make money, men and women often forget the essential, underlying principles for the preservation of life. Europe, older, wiser, poorer, began years ago to seek ways of prolonging youth. In England alone there are more than ninety health societies. Germany, with her steady and tireless scientific research, is establishing new facts which show that artificial methods to lengthen life are not making for longevity, health and the true freedom of living.

Everywhere, in every country, and in the smallest village settlements, one hears the voice of inquiry raised. In spite of the rapid pace civilization has set for us, there is always some one, or a group of people, who with insatiable zeal search for the truth regarding natural health.

This “spirit of inquiry,” says one of our noted Chicago surgeons, “is leading humanity to divinity.” But in spite of scientific advancement in our twentieth’ century miracles —the radio, aeroplane, television, and numerous mechanical devices to make modern life comfortable,—disease and ill health are all too common.

When all else has been tried and found wanting; when science, with all its earnest endeavor and exhaustive research finds itself turned back to the simple laws of nature, you may be sure that the secret of real health lies close at home.

The interest in Food Science as applied to the healing of disease, is being gradually established through the work of various pioneers whose results have justified their belief in the healing and building action of certain foods when taken in right combinations. This is something we all must do for ourselves. Knowing the right combinations, we must build for health as individuals. No one else has the power to mould our bodies or restore youth. Each one of us does it through the food we eat.

It is also an established fact that sound body building is impossible unless there is a clean, alkaline foundation, and by this is meant a body free from excess acidity and toxins.

After proper elimination of toxins, as taught in our “Eliminative Feeding System,” a clean, chemicalized blood-stream is flowing through every cell in the body, which is now ready to rebuild all the tissues.

No disease can exist in a chemicalized blood-stream, and there can be no permanent body-building without such a blood-stream together with a clean, intestinal tract.

Live, natural foods build young, healthy bodies. During elimination, you ate foods exclusively, but none of the living foods that were builders—no proteins, oils or fats. This relaxed the tone of the individual cells of the body so that they gave up their waste and poison.

Now, the first thing to do in beginning body building after elimination is to put back this muscular tone by eating freely of the muscle builders; proteins the first week, combining them with citrous fruits, salads, fresh vegetables with plenty of butter, and olive oil on salads.

Not until the fifth day will you be ready for starches, for by that time the intestines are toned up so that they can take care of starchy food. Remember that no matter how hungry one is for starch, it is better to begin body building after Elimination with muscle building foods and fats, combined with vegetables and fruits.

Health consists in maintaining the Life Principles in the body through the. Life Prin ciple in food. It is the simple law of nature, untampered by artifice. Science, with all of its experimentation, acknowledges this fundamental truth. As long as you have life coursing through your veins, your body seeks self improvement. Given the vital elements, it goes to work without outside aid, asking only that the supply of living foods is not cut short.

Glands, congested and inactive, come to life. Nerves and muscles respond joyously. The digestive system discovers that it can handle harder, heavier work than ever before because it has the living chemicals to assist. Every organ and every cell in your body finds new strength and energy. This is health.

Is it such a great secret, after all? In the confusion of complex living, we merely lost sight of elemental facts. Lost in the maze of modern inventions, money-making, and all the distractions of present-day living, we became hopelessly side-tracked. But truth is always simple and without complications. We lose sight of it because it is so unassuming.

So, step by step, we will supply all the building material for a healthy, strong and vital physical structure. We will not resort to any artificial means, but adhere strictly to the same, simple truth.