The Genuine Milk Cure

To take the genuine “Milk Diet” as it should be taken and to persist in it through a period of six to ten weeks requires courage, will power and perseverance.

The value of such a course cannot be overestimated to the person suffering from anemia, nervous exhaustion, emaciation, general breakdown, chronic ills, etc. It will positively cure ulceration of the stomach, diseases of the intestinal tract, abnormal appetites—even alcoholism. Almost any case of chronic misery can be permanently helped by it.

There are scattered over the country various sanitariums where the milk cure is given scientifically. The writer attended one of these on one occasion for six weeks with wonderfully beneficial results; and afterwards (having learned how) took the course right at home with equally good results and without even the attendance of a physician.

It is useless to attempt the course at all unless you obey every rule and are willing to tolerate some discomfort. It is a heroic measure and it is only those who have suffered much who are willing to go through with it, with the promise of restored health as their goal.

The general rule is six quarts of milk a day (with no other food) for six weeks. In extreme cases the length of time is extended to eight, ten and twelve weeks. If six quarts causes a looseness of the bowels the quantity is reduced to five. But six is the aver-age, and must not be changed by caprice. The average person is severely constipated by less than six quarts. The more milk the looser the bowels. Obey Rule 4 and stick to six quarts.

The directions follow:

It is best to stay right at home and rest. It is assumed that you are sick enough to do that. If you wish to gain in weight, stay right in bed. Nature is very busy taking care of six quarts of milk per day. There is no energy to waste.

1st. Twenty-four hours before starting on the milk take a dose of castor oil.

2nd. For one day eat fruit only—all you want, and any kind except bananas. No other food.

3rd. On the second day start at once on the six quarts a day. (Don’t begin on a less quantity and work up.) A one-half pint glass of milk every half hour from seven in the morning till seven at night.

4th. An enema (about two quarts of water) every night.

5th. A quick hot bath every night.

It is a process of elimination as well as rebuilding. After ten days or two weeks you will begin to sweat. Possibly three or four spells every night. Then the real benefit begins.

After every glass of milk take a few drops of lemon juice or a little grapefruit. Milk must curdle before digestion takes place. The lemon juice assists this.

Drink the milk slowly, sip it. Some people take it through a straw.

Here’s where your courage is needed. The first few days the milk may nauseate you. If so take a little lime water or (preferably) increase the quantity of lemon juice. This will pass away when your system gets clear of its poisons. Stick to your six quarts.

Most people get along all right for the first two or three weeks. You will not feel hungry—you are well nourished. But about the fourth week you will begin to feel bloated and uncomfortable. You may even have a smothered feeling and palpitation of the heart. Don’t worry. In spite of the discomfort there will be ultimate benefit. Use your will power and stick to the six quarts.

Just as much care must be exercised in coming off the milk diet as in going on. You cannot go back on a mixed diet immediately. The first day eat fruit only and two or three quarts of milk. The second day take a quart of milk and fruit (without sugar) for breakfast and another quart and fruit for lunch. For dinner (preferably in middle of day), eat only one kind of food. No mixtures. You may have whole wheat bread and fricasseed chicken, all you want, or whole wheat bread and spinach, or a baked potato with celery, etc. The second day you may add one article (a parsnip or carrot or celery with the chicken), etc. It is best to keep up the milk for the two meals for a week or two and for break-fast for some time.

You may add a whole wheat muffin or some whole wheat breakfast grain to the milk and fruit if you wish—but under no circumstances eat white bread or crackers or any patented “cereal.”

The trouble which ensues from this combination is not the fault of the fruit (without sugar) as is generally supposed. It is the starch which causes the trouble.

Immediately after coming off the milk diet you do not feel especially strong. After about a week you begin to feel like a new person. All the poisons have been eliminated from your body. The milk has made new blood which has been busy every minute rebuilding your tissues, and carrying off dead tissues thus fortifying your body against disease.

Don’t go back on your old mistaken diet. Study the Science of Eating and live accordingly. Plenty of green things—and raisins. You will want iron.

The benefits of the milk cure are far-reaching. I knew a case of neuralgia of the optic nerve which had resisted all medical treatment for three years, cured in ten weeks, the emaciated patient gaining thirty-five pounds.

An osteopathic treatment once or twice a week while taking the milk is beneficial.