The Necessity For The Change

There is also a third Big Fact to present to your intelligence before you are well launched and that is:

Why are these mineral elements necessary to sustain the body in a state of health?

It is not enough to be presented with an arbitrary rule. The intelligence demands a Reason for that rule.

All knowledge comes in waves. The knowledge of the existence of germs was given to us only fifty years ago—by Pasteur.

Previous to that time the world knew frightful epidemics of disease—unchecked through their ignorance of the cause.

Fifty years from now our children will have taken steps to prevent the food manufacturers from juggling with our food. And they will know why.

In order that you may see it clearly now, concentrate your mind on the following sequence:

Germs feed on dead tissue.

Their purpose on the earth is to decompose dead bodies.

Live, healthy tissue resists germs.

In the process of living there is a constant tearing down and building up of the tissues in our bodies. Every thought you think destroys a brain cell.

Nature repairs this waste during sleep.

Same with breathing. Same with every movement of your body.

Along come your blood corpuscles like an army of miniature soldiers to carry off the waste and rebuild new tissue.

Constantly—constantly the little army works. The process of living.

Suppose the little army has not the proper tools’? Suppose it has not enough calcium, enough phosphorus, enough manganese, enough iron?

For all these food minerals work together in beautiful harmony. The iron in the blood unites with the oxygen as it enters the lungs and carries it to the body cells where the waste tissue is burned by the oxygen and carried off through the lungs with the aid of other minerals during the process. The blood meanwhile busily rebuilding.

Suppose then our little army is not properly equipped?

Then it cannot repair the waste. The dead tissue remains.

Suppose this condition continues?

More waste—more dead tissue.

Then along comes an epidemic of pneumonia. And you cannot resist.

And why can you not resist it?

Because the germs entering your body found dead cell tissue upon which to feed and multiply.

The dead cells in a living body are just the same food for germs as the dead cells in a dead body.

It is not the germs which you need to fear: it is the dissolute condition of your own bodily tissue which invites the germs to enter and feed.

Keep your tissues in a state of health. Right food will do it.

Germs feed on dead tissue. Live, healthy tissue can laugh at germs.

No need to fear an attack of disease when your tissues are in a state of health.

The tissues are kept in a state of health only by pure and perfect blood. The blood must have its sixteen elements.

What is it that causes anemia?

A lack of iron and other mineral in the blood.

Why so much thin sick hair and baldness?

A lack of silicon and its accompanying minerals.

The squirrels and other forest animals have no difficulty retaining perfect. hair, nails and teeth through the natural span of their lives. Why?

They eat the food which Mother Nature provides. No part of its building material is removed to make it more “digestible” or more “palatable” or more pleasing to the eye.

What is it that causes tooth decay?

A lack of calcium in the blood.

Why is it that the young mother almost always has serious trouble with her teeth?

Because she did not have enough calcium in her blood. The baby had to have the calcium for the formation of his little bones. He drained the calcium from her teeth. He also robbed other stores, the result.of which she cannot see so readily. This is why young mothers so often succumb to tuberculosis.

Their Resistance is lowered.


Healthy tissues are the result of pure and perfect blood.

Perfect blood is made and kept perfect by food and food alone. From no other source can we get the sixteen elements.

This is why we must conserve all the food value in all of our food. The little army must have its tools.

Oh, the wonder of a drop of blood! CONDENSATION And now again, before starting our routine we can sum up the knowledge which is to be our foundation in a sentence, viz.:

(a) We must have our food properly balanced as to bases and acids.

(b) We must conserve all the minerals in all of our food, because

(c) Our blood must be supplied with the proper materials to keep our tissues in a state of health. Food is the Only Way.

Fix that three-part sentence permanently in your mind. It is the gospel of the new routine.