The Rich Food Value Of Nuts

Of all kinds are rich in food value. Because of their protein content they are an excellent substitute for meat.

Hickory nuts are perhaps the most delicious cake nuts obtainable. The Brazil nut, being so rich and oily, is not so good in cake or nut loaf as the hickory nut or pecan or English walnut.

The latter are also the best for salads or candies. Almonds may be blanched and salted at home and make an excellent dessert in themselves.

Nuts, however as dessert, are best served in their shells. There is less danger of eating them too rapidly and the element of sociability while picking and nibbling enters into the digestibility of the meal.

Use chopped nuts generously in salads and desserts. Serve them with raisins or figs for dessert frequently. Give them to the children instead of candy.