The Three Types Of Obesity

IT is hard to make a cut-and-dried classification of obesity. For the purpose of our discussion, the following will enable us to present the subject clearly. From the practical standpoint there are three types of obesity:

(a) The alimentary type.

(b) The endocrine type.

(c) The composite or mixed type.

The treatment of types (b) and (c) will not be discussed at length in this book, for they should be under the constant care of a personal physician versed in the intricacies of the individual problem which arises in each case. I shall, however, try to give on the following pages sufficient information to guide the reader in cooperating intelligently with his physician, at the very outset, for the most important step in combating obesity is to deter-mine which type you have. And the only rational way to determine what particular type you have is to consult the best physician possible. To attempt to decide for yourself would be as illogical, if not as dangerous, as deciding for yourself whether a particular skin eruption is smallpox, chickenpox or dermatitis herpetiformis.