Typhoid Fever

The writer has not had the opportunity to try either the antisepticizing treatments or any of the other methods of common foundationing in typhoid fever, but an associate of his has and the latter was highly enthusiastic with the remarkable aid obtained in the treatment of this disease by the use of the antisepticizing treatments. He reports that in every way the patient was benefited. When using the antisepticizing treatments, he found that the fever was not quite as high as is usually the case. All the usual severe symptoms were greatly ameliorated. The morbidity was greatly lessened and therefore, as we may rightly expect, with the proper use of the antisepticizing treatments in all such cases, the mortality rate will be greatly decreased.

It is a wellknown fact that not all people who accidentally drink typhoid-infected water or milk, or eat typhoid-contaminated food will be taken sick with typhoid fever. The writer is inclined to believe that this system offers as good an explanation for this strange occurrence as any. Those who have a decided common foundation of disease will be taken down with typhoid fever; those who have not, will escape it.