Vegetable Tonic

Get all kinds of fresh vegetables. If in season get the young ones with the tops on, fresh and juicy. Get everything—a bunch or two of carrots and tops, beets and tops, turnips and tops, parsnips, onions, spinach, lettuce leaves, cabbage leaves, cucumbers, etc. (Never use rhubarb leaves they are poison.)

Put all through a grinder. (Place a receptacle under the grinder. The juices will flow.)

When chopped put into jelly bag and let drip overnight. In the morning press the remaining juices out with a small fruit press or any instrument you can contrive. (Will not someone devise and put on the market a small hand vegetable press?) Keep the juice thus obtained covered and in a cool place. Give the children a tablespoonful or a small wineglassful every day.

The value of the above tonic lies in the fact that it is uncooked and unadulterated. It is, therefore, a concentrated vegetable essence rich in both minerals and vitamins. It is fine for everybody in the spring—especially to the anemic or run down individual.

Quite a lot of trouble yes; but the kiddies are worth it.

To Steep Bran

Place contents of a package of bran in a large kettle and pour over it sufficient boiling water to cover it. ‘Contrive some way on your own stove to maintain the heat for 12 hours Do not boil. Drain off the liquid. You will need to press the bran through a sieve, vegetable press or with your hands.

Keep in cool place and use 1 or 2 glasses per day.

(Do not imagine that the above is a laxative. It is not. The dry bran must be used for that.) The above has mineral value for an acidosis patient.