Venereal Diseases

Venereal diseases are usually contracted by people who are temporarily in a condition of lowered resistance. In studying the daily personal history of these patients closely, this fact will quickly become evident. Dissipation, excesses, but especially the bad character of the food or drink taken repeatedly by these patients are the usual predisposing causes of a temporary lowering of the vitality or resistance. These priming causes work principally through the resistance lowering mechanism of the individual’s common foundation of disease. In other words, had the person’s common foundation of disease been carefully watched and corrected, and had the character of the food and drink of these people been carefully supervised, these accidents most likely would not have happened.

A rapid loss of resistance or vitality really means the presence of a decided common foundation of disease, which has rather suddenly been formed by a recent infection of the person’s common foundation’ of disease and the eating of harmful food. The taking of the bad food was essential to enable the recent infection to transform the common foundation of disease into such a pronouncedly harmful one.

The nasal antisepticizing treatments should always be used in every case of venereal disease. These treatments in conjunction with the proper food, restore the patient’s resistance more rapidly, efficiently and thoroughly than any other means, and make possible and hasten a successful and complete cure. The course and tendency of the venereal disease to spread and extend is thus more effectively controlled and the disease is soon cured. With the aid of the antisepticizing treatments, the dietary principles and if necessary, some of the other means of this system, these diseases will be cured in much less time with much less suffering and inconvenience than is usually the case.

Acute, recent gonorrheal infections which are associated with marked painful attacks at short intervals, are quickly made painless by the frequent use of the antisepticizing treatments. In fact, the sharp distressing pains can in most instances be relieved immediately by the simple use of a thorough antisepticizing treatment. The disease is controlled and healed with much greater rapidity and in much less time; the common or usual complications are avoided; they rarely occur if at all when one or more of the steps of common foundationing are properly used. In most instances only the antisepticizing treatments and dietary rules need be used for the time being.

The Advantages of Using Common Foundationing in Treating Syphilis

The general rule of this system holds good. The methods, means and principles of common foundationing should be used in conjunction with the usual antisyphilitic treatment in striving for a rapid, efficient and successful cure when treating people suffering with syphilis. The cures will be greatly hastened and shortened. The patient will be assured of a cure.

One of the most interesting facts in this connection is that Wassermann-fast syphilitics, those whose blood refuses to become negative to the Wassermann test for syphilis, will give a negative Wassermann test when the patient is properly common foundationed and then only, irrespective of the amount and character of the anti-syphilitic treatment which has been given previously. Physicians may earnestly and conscientiously for years attempt to free the patient of all taints of the syphilitic disease and still find that the blood on examination will show the presence of syphilis. Repeatedly the laboratory blood report will come back showing the presence of syphilis, until the patient’s common foundation of disease has been syphilis.

The same facts hold true of congenital or inherited syphilis. Interstitial or parenchymatous keratitis, which is the most common and most difficult form of inherited syphilis, and which leads to total blindness of the child, which often remains permanent, can be nicely helped, and even temporary total blindness can be prevented by these principles and means. The child is to be treated energetically by his physician with the best anti-syphilitic methods and also with the aid of the principles and means of common foundationing.