Weakened Ligaments

Weakening of the various ligaments of the body is relieved and cured by these methods. These ligaments are the supports or straps which hold the various organs and structures of the body in place.

Flat feet, for instance, is a condition of weakening or giving way of the ligaments which ordinarily hold the various bones of the feet in place. If the ligaments which ordinarily hold the bones and other structures of the feet in place should stretch, then flat feet result with all their attendant crippling results, with pains on walking or standing. It may be unbelievable, but nevertheless it is true, that this work will quickly relieve these pains and remove the crippled condition. A few antisepticizing treatments, administered once a day, will relieve most all pains due to flat feet.

Falling of the various abdominal organs, such as the stomach, intestines, female organs, etc., are ultimately relieved and restored to normal by this work when persisted in.