Who Are You Bellyachers, Anyway?

Out of the millions, whom statisticians say are daily troubled with indigestion, there are but two separate and distinct types. You may think there should be as great a variety as there are people who eat different foods and find themselves in possession off indigestion. But we all have the same chemical laboratory (digestive system) ; the same kind of stomach, the same kind of liver, the same kind of pancreas, and the same kind of intestinal tract. It is the manner in which you supply your food laboratory which produces good or bad results. You will find that the greater variety of food eaten produces the least digestive disturbance.

The two types of bellyachers are, of course, those who do not like sour foods, and those who do not like fats. This you have already learned. However, in explanation, we say you bellyachers are people who do not know why foods hurt you. Yet so great is the habit of eating which you bellyachers have contracted, that even if you do find out what hurts you, you will eat it anyway. Many of you hate the word diet. That is why we present you with the chemical eating chart which is not a diet, but a manner of eating.

With all the explanation so far found within these pages, a great many of you bellyachers will eat in the same old way just as soon as you receive a measure of relief from what ever source. How do we know? Experience. We introduce you to Judge and Mrs. Judge.

Judge: “Mary, we have not had a mess of beef, cabbage and potatoes for a long time. How about having it tonight ?”

Mary: “You know, Judge, that chemical eating chart says you cannot put potatoes in that kind of dinner. You have not had to take soda for a long time. Better not try that meal.”

Judge: “Yes, yes! I know. But you know how well I like it. Cook it, Mom.”

Mary: (sometime after the meal) : “Does your stomach hurt, Judge?”

Judge: “Not a bit of it. That last stomach powder, I have been taking, has just fixed me up grand. That’s great stuff !”

Mary: (Midnight) : “What, what is it, Judge?”

Judge: “0000000000h! Guess you bet—Uuuuuuuuuuuph —better get me some of that powder, Mom.”

Mary: “Oh, dear. I wonder where I put that powder? You have not had to take it for so long. I wish I had put carrots in that dinner instead of potatoes.”

Judge: “So do I. But I like potatoes in it. Confound it, hurry up with that powder.”

There you are, bellyaches. You are you because you are you. The Judge will continue to eat wrong because he likes what he likes when he likes it. So will you. The tongue has acquired a taste for the wrong combinations of food. Perhaps your father or mother had stomach trouble and you think it is inherited, but it is just bad environment. You were taught to eat the wrong things in combination.

If you bellyachers have read this far and do not know that you should start eating every thing in the food line instead of your narrow limits, there is but little help for you. We have but one thing to say as a further aid to you, and that is: it is better to never get so-called stomach trouble than it is to get it and then jump from one remedy to another trying to get relief.

It is indeed a very strange situation when a man will not look well after his horse, dog, or hog. There are but few men who will not supply their animals with the right kind of food; supplementing it with vitamins and minerals, and even changing the foods so that the appetite and well-being of the animal is assured. It is felt that animals must be well taken care of. That is right.

By the way, did you men ever think about your own food supply? Do you think that you are as valuable to yourself as the animal to which you give careful and considerate attention? Well, please remember that your body needs variety in order to keep up its repair.

Of course, you are just reading FIFTY MILLION BELLY-ACHES for entertainment; not benefit. Pay no attention to the chemical eating chart. Go right ahead and eat what you please. You will not hurt MY stomach one bit.