Why Are You A Bellyacher?

The bellyachers are a too great percentage of our population. You are one of those people who make every fifth purchase in every drug store in the United States. Statistics claim that every fifth sale in every drug store is a stomach remedy, a laxative, or a preparation for a disease caused by these two difficulties. YOU are one of the persons who confine their eating mostly to protein and carboyhydrate foods with too few vegetables and too little fruit. YOU are a cousin to John, Bill, Tom, Dick, and Harry Bellyache.

John Bellyache has had his picture in the newspapers a great many times. He was cured of constipation and gas at least five times, and issued a picture testimonial to that effect. However, he never learned that what he thought were cures were only a few weeks, or months, release from the clutches of his old enemy, stomach trouble. He died without learning that nothing could permanently relieve his stomach trouble, because it was not stomach trouble but colon trouble, and he caused his own trouble by what he did not eat.

Bill Bellyache is the fellow who likes his steak and fried potatoes. “Boy, make it two steaks a day; one is not enough. Tomatoes? I hate ’em. Fruit? That’s to sell; not eat”. That is how Bill ate and talked.

Even when Bill has had two hard attacks of severe cramps, and has passed blood through his urine, he still brags about of the number of steak and potato meals he can put away.

Tom Bellyache is the fellow who never would touch vegetables of any kind. “Celery is ragweed. Carrots are bunny food. Give me Johnny cake, sausage and gravy. Give me chicken and mashed potatoes, or ham and beans.” Torn had such food all his life. The doctor said it was deficiency apoplexy.

Dick Bellyache really looked after his health. His stomach bothered him for years, but he consulted the best authorities when-ever he was severely attacked. He spent two months in a well known clinic, and got along fine for two years.

When Dick again was attacked, he decided to try a famous health authority’s milk diet and rest cure. Thirty days at this hospital put him in good shape for a year.

Dick’s third attack of indigestion scared him. He determined to seek a famous specialist’s help. He made a trip to Germany, and received care for three months. He had no more attacks for nearly three years, and he was sure he was cured. But indigestion returned.

“I have spent fifteen thousand dollars in fifteen years, and I am in exactly the same shape that I was before I spent the money,” Dick complained. “What have you “warts” got that “Experts” do not know about ?” He continued.

“Not a thing but a chemical eating chart which says that you should eat a lot more fruit and tart salads, and cut out all grease and starch mixtures,” he was told. Dick has not had indigestion for the last five years. He does a lot of traveling and eats all kinds of cooking. Even now, he can not believe it, and thinks he will awake some morning with the same “old grind” in the midsection.

Harry Bellyache is the fellow who really found out that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables stopped all attacks of indigestion. Every winter he went to Florida. While there, he did not have in-digestion. But when he remained home for the winter, he suffered with repeated attacks. “Yes, sir that Florida climate just suits me. I believe I am going to sell out and move down there.”

When Harry was told that it was not the weather, but the fact he ate more fruits and less heavy foods while in Florida, he could not believe it. However, he gave the chemical eating chart a try. He has decided to live where he earns his living, and he is not bothered with indigestion any more. “Florida has nice climate, though,” he says, as though still clinging to the idea that the Florida weather is what stopped his indigestion.

The rest of you, who belong to the bellyache clan, may profit from the experience of your relatives, if you will increase your varieties of food. Those of you, who are only bothered occasionally with indigestion, need not go completely “Chemical Eating Chart.” All you need do is increase your fruit and tart salads, and reduce your starch-grease mixtures.

You, who are chronic bellyachers, should follow the chemical eating chart for months. In fact, you should follow it until you have acquired a new habit of eating. Follow it until, when you think you have quit “Chemical Eating”, you will carry on without knowing it, just as the people who have no digestive trouble.

We have finished this treatis upon “FIFTY MILLION BELLY-ACHES.” If you have not obtained sufficient information and enough reason for that information being used by you, then you will have to remain a bellyacher. However, no bellyacher re-mains just such. The rumblings of indigestion is but the thunder before a storm. Destroying organic disease follows in the path-way of apparently harmless indigestion.

Why are you a bellyacher? WHAT YOU DO NOT EAT HURTS YOU.